Firstly, allow me to introduce myself, I am Charlotte-aka Charlie-Cooper founder and coordinator of ‘By Charlie’ I have 15 years experience in the events and hospitality industry- a decade of which was in my home city of London, England- where I worked on Europe’s biggest home & lifestyle exhibitions, London Fashion Week, The Queens Jubilee at Buckingham Palace (yes…the actual queen of England!!) and various other exciting live events. I moved to St Lucia in 2013 permanently  after falling in love, initially with the island as a child and later my husband. I am now a proud St Lucian Citizen and business owner, wife and mum to my beautiful son born in early 2015 & daughter born in late 2019. I have a BA (hons) degree in Event Management & PR, and have qualifications in 3D illustrations & operations management!
Hobbies include- home decor/ DIY (mainly just spray painting or drilling into things), movies, reading and swimming/beaching with my kids.I am a homebody, foodie, amazon addict and rosè wine drinker. I am officially a Pisces but 100% more Aries (on the cusp).




is my incredible assistant- both personally and for my events. She is my right arm- and we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without her! Della took an interest in events when my son started school and she had less to do for me on a personal level. Having worked for me already for 2 years by that point, I recognised her skill set and strengths, so I threw her in at the deep end on a wedding of 450 people and she blew my mind with her efficiency. She has great ideas and however stressful the job or day may be, brings a beautiful smile and a huge burst of positivity and happiness with her! She is mum to beautiful 9 year old Aria, baby Jayla Joy (born June 2021) and a gorgeous guardian angel of a son Jayden who lives up in heaven but watches over his mama being a superwoman. She is the adventurous one of us- loves tours, exploring and anything physical & outdoorsy. Practical and quick thinking, gets on with everyone and the one you will find dancing behind the scenes during your big day.


The Boys


Alongside my wonderful design team, Reece, Darnell, Curt and Clef help my vision come to life and are there with and for me during setup no matter what crazy requests or ideas I have, tolerating me when I want to move 100 candles by 3cm each and 200 chairs by 4 degrees so they have the correct arch. These boys bring the muscles and music to all of my event setups!


Our Team


We have recently built our own in house team and we cannot wait for everyone to get to know them- BIO’S TO COME SOON so YOU can get to know them too! Vanessa,Suwan and our boys are the ones who make the pretty things happen including draping which is a big part of our designs and signature look! These are the amazing behind the scenes crew who bring my designs to life and we cannot wait to show you what we have in store and what they can do!

For florals, lighting, transport, bar & waiting staff we have our preferred , long term vendors we prefer to use- I have tried and tested various of each field and in my opinion these are the best of the best here in St Lucia and have been regular team members for a number of years.The work you see from us on our gallery are jobs where we have collaborated with this preferred team! Each are each incredible in their own fields and they are key parts of the finished product you see from us.  All of our staging, infrastructure and tenting is managed by the team over at Tomty Northern Tool Rentals- reliable, professional, knowledgable and great guys with a thorough attention to detail and solid work ethic.

For Catering, DJ, Live Entertainment, Photographers, Videographers, Hair, Makeup and any other vendors you may need we have around 5 of each we highly recommend and since each of these elements are such personal choices we usually recommend 2 based on the clients’ requirements, budget and style, then send images or host a meeting/tasting if possible so they can make the final decision.




The Island


Island Size
238 sq. miles

Island Population
181,889  (August 2020)

Creole & English

Eastern Caribbean Dollars

US Dollars accepted in most establishments though any change will likely be given in EC$

Signature Dish
Green Fig & Saltfish

Iconic Landmark
The Pitons

Click here to visit the website of the St Lucia Tourism Authority for much more about our beautiful island

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