Hi All,

Hope you had a good weekend. I’ve been trying to get this blog post up for almost 2 weeks now but had- and still have- writers block. Today I decided to use it as a tool, as in my previous LL post I explained how I’d usually put something off when demotivated and expressed the need to change that. After the crazy fortnight of back-to-back weddings, I immediately got 2 more wedding bookings (each 200 people), started planning for my first launch event (coming in September- details to be posted soon) and was invited to be guest speaker at a wedding mixer this weekend. If you’re a bride to be, a wedding planner or provide any kind of service for weddings in St Lucia please click here to register.

I have been keeping up with my reading and self-improvement as much as time’s allowed and feel positive about the changes I’ve made thus far. I have implemented some daily exercises based around mindfulness and the ‘THE ESSENTIALS– (click to view) a collection of guidelines for improving and maintaining healthy, strong relationships. Although these are typically used for couple’s therapy, I believe the majority of these to be applicable to most relationships in life -partner, family or friends.

I won’t disclose specifics but had a situation a few weeks ago with someone close to me, which would have usually turned into a big argument. I knew this was a real life opportunity to put my work into practice and somehow it worked, they were amazed, I was shocked and it was calmly and quickly resolved with a stronger outcome.We both stepped away and when we spoke again, each took a turn at explaining our feelings and thoughts, which resulted in a long-term compromise we were both happy with!

I have been making moves to implement forgiveness and in the process feel a lot better but have realised how much of a doormat I can be. I am overly generous in all senses whether that be with gifts, thoughtful deeds or time spent listening without even being asked “how are you”. I refuse to change this about myself as I love and am proud of this characteristic- it just needs better awareness and some fine-tuning at times! This personality trait is hugely beneficial to my company in that I go above and beyond for my clients, happily hand making pieces they want that aren’t available here and ensuring every single piece of their event is perfect, even if it means 1am red bull and glue gun sessions…

I am still working on the previous 3 tasks- all of these things require constant maintenance and work, but I have now added self-awareness/self-control to my list having thought carefully about which family & friends I most admire. All of them have one common trait- unless they are specifically upset or angered by someone- I never see these people being 2 faced or catty! I – by nature- am a joker, but my raw English sense of humour and insanely high level of sarcasm can sometimes come off as me being bitchy, which I -by no mean-intend or wish to be. If there is a witty, amusing but somewhat abusive remark to be made I’m the idiot to make it, even though it’s not usually my view or opinion (just the obvious comeback). In England its normal, especially where I’m from (Essex)- we all give each other a hard time, comment on everyone and everything and then call it ‘banter’. Since I moved to St Lucia however I’ve realised how easily ‘banter’ can be mistaken for nastiness or cattiness. I know plenty of locals who do it and I admit to being a hypocrite in the sense that I immediately write them off. When the shoe is on the other foot it opens my eyes to how easily ‘banter’ can be misread and what a truly ugly characteristic it is. As a 30 year old wife, mother, entrepreneur -and grown up- I know I should have the will power to hold back sometimes and bite my tongue, a trait that I am working to improve.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon.

Charlie xxxx