I decided when I turned 30 last month to make it a new chapter in my life. Whilst my 20’s was full of both positives and negatives- I decided that I’d kick off my 30s with a full life review and- where necessary – make repairs/improvements. I got married and had a baby last year which was an amazing end to the last chapter and as I learn to balance life as an entrepreneur with that of a mummy and wife, I starting researching and reading a lot. One of the most crucial tools was talking to – and more importantly listening to- people of various ages, cultures, class and with a range of life experiences. I am learning things everyday and have learnt some of my most valuable lessons from those I least expected to hear them from. One in particular was a lovely local lady I got speaking to in the market here in St Lucia whilst buying a HUGE bag of freshly grown oranges for $10ec (£2.50) from her. She was one of the happiest, most positive and kind souls I have ever met, even when she told me she’s in her 70’s and has never left st lucia before, she didn’t dwell on the negatives but instead was asking me excitedly about london and where I have travelled.

I have learnt various life lessons so far, but whilst inspiring and exciting, it can be somewhat overwhelming and a little depressing. It makes you second guess a lot of your life and choices, but ironically the intention is to do the exact opposite. I’m  currently working to implement…

  • FORGIVENESS. A key part of starting a new, better chapter is to leave any bitterness or hurt where it belongs… in the last chapter. I used to think that forgiving those who have hurt me would make me weak and that yet again, I’d be their doormat. Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, it doesn’t mean welcoming them back into your life, and it definitely doesn’t mean you’re accepting or excusing their actions- it just means letting go of the pain and realising that in doing so you free yourself to move forward in life. It means strength not weakness, something it took me years to understand…
  • FACE THE MUSIC- I am someone who tends to bury their head in the sand and put off tasks I don’t necessarily want to do, instead of just facing it head on and figuring out the best solution to get it done and sorted. I have made it my resolution not to do this anymore and apply that resolution to all areas of my life, the boring task that needs doing for work I will conquer first thing and get it ticked off my list instead of avoiding it all day, bills to pay- straight away and so on….
  • TWO EARS BUT ONE MOUTH- An unfortunate family trait I have inherited is to talk more than I listen. I think its a vicious cycle, since in my family if you don’t make yourself talk you wont get the opportunity to do so,and once you’ve got the floor just keep going while you are able to. It pretty much results in a loud collection of rambles with very little actual listening. I am learning the art of listening rather than hearing, there is a BIG difference. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

I am only a month in, many many more lessons to be learnt but for now I am taking it step by step to become the best version of ‘me’ I can be, without changing the positives.

Happy Monday all..

By Charlie