Hi All,

It’s been a while so I apologise, a LOT has been going on and it’s been about 6 weeks now since you heard from me here. When I last blogged I had just taken part in a wedding mixer event at Inside Out, which was a lovely day and resulted in 1 confirmed booking and one more in the pipeline… so a beneficial day overall!

Since then we randomly found an amazing property we just couldn’t pass up so have been run ragged to secure that house while doing work on ours and trying to get it sold fast. Between work, baby and the house(s) therefore everything has been somewhat hectic. I have also been in England for the past 2 weeks for a close friends’ wedding and to see everybody with the baby (plus sneak in some shopping and interiors browsing for the new home).

If you really want to test your personal strength and patience, I recommend travelling 8 hours alone with a constantly hyperactive 18 month old. I wouldn’t wish our outward journey on my worst enemy, 2 and a half hours of high pitched screaming, crawling under peoples chairs trying to escape and throwing food over chairs whilst crying hysterically… and that was just me

The return journey wasn’t great either but at least my parents were with me to help (by parents I mean my mum, as dad literally slept for the whole journey). Some things I learnt from this are:

  • Let your child run about as much as possible before going to the airport and at the airport. Gatwick airport (London) has a soft play area which was great to get rid of some energy.
  • People told me gravol , pirotin and calpol makes baby’s sleepy. Do not road test this on flight day, it has the opposite effect on some kids and makes them hyper!!!
  • Take some new toys they haven’t seen before for the flight as well as a couple of old favourites. Do not get toys with small pieces and choose things that don’t make too much noise! Also download some episodes of their favourite shows to an ipad.
  • Spare clothes- for you- not just baby!
  • SNACKS, SNACKS, SNACKS…. Milk, juice or water for takeoff and landing to avoid ear popping.

Today is also my 1-year wedding anniversary. Its FLOWN by and I cannot believe its been a year since I was walking down the aisle. As a bride who’d been planning this big day in my head forever, as well as a wedding planner and perfectionist the day didn’t go to plan for me sadly. All the guests tell me still what a great time they had which is great to hear but given the amount of meetings I’d had, drawings I’d done, plans I had made and close attention to detail that had been put into the big day I was left very disappointed by the people who were in charge on the day. I wont go into full details as nothing can be done now but it is a very sad thing to discuss your wedding and not be beaming ear to ear or gushing about it being the best day of your life. My new positive outlook on life combined with my efforts to learn from experiences and forgive mean this has become a catalyst for my business. Never will I allow a bride to feel how I do or remember her day the way I remember mine! Of course there are parts that I look back on and love such as the ceremony, which was absolutely amazing and having my closest friends and family in St Lucia for the weeks surrounding the big day. The main thing is though we are happily married and having the time of our lives watching our little man grow into a mischievous but loving toddler as we move into the next chapter in our new ‘forever’ home.

I am starting a blog post tomorrow which will follow on from this post more formally, and give you a list of things you should ensure your coordinator has covered & confirmed for your big day and the things most frequently forgotten by brides.

Just wanted to explain the radio silence, check in Thursday for a new post.

Lots of Love,