Hi All,

I hope you’re all well. I have been off working hard on the upcoming weddings, a great art exhibition, OH and turning 30!!! I am still in shock and slight depression over this- I feel as though I literally just turned 25 and wonder how time can be going this fast? I am known for dragging my birthday out as much as possible every single year, a day booked off work for pre party pampering, birthday eve drinks, birthday boxing day meal and of course the big day itself. Every year I started planning as soon as Christmas was over, so given this standard, over-dramatic process, I was met with gasps (literally) and laughs when I told people I was just having one night out locally and then a quiet family dinner for the big milestone.

Turning thirty though has really made me stand back and think. What I’ve learnt, achieved and failed at in my twenties, what and who I want to be and changes I would like to make as I move into this new chapter of my life. I always wanted a family by 30, which I have so I can check that off. Own a business- early stages but yes-done. Own a house- done (although I definitely didn’t appreciate the days of living at my parents house enough- every single week something else needs doing, fixing or paying.)
The biggest change I made in my twenties was in 2013 when I left my beloved London for beautiful St Lucia after a year and half of doing the long distance thing. This move lead to marriage and my one year old son -so overall, a resounding success I’d say.

So what else did I learn in my twenties?
I learnt that its actually really fun and cool to read, learn stuff and be clever- a realisation that came a good few years too late (sorry dad/teachers)
I learnt love and-subsequently- heartbreak.
I learnt that from any kind of heartbreak (whether it be love, friendship or family) forgiveness frees you to move on in life.
I learnt that what is meant to be will happen and karma will always do its’ job.
I learnt what it was like to be truly loved, flaws and all!
I learnt about myself- working in a fast-paced industry in London taught me what I was good at and what needed a lot more work.
I learnt what it truly was to work-the events industry will teach you that!
I learnt quality over quantity- get rid of acquaintances and focus on real friends.
I learnt that parents are people too, they are not the enemy but can be your best friends, I learnt after having my son how much they actually love me.
I learnt how to adapt; moving from a fast-paced city to a slug-speed island (by comparison) showed me I can handle new situations when faced with them.
And finally-I learnt you can’t eat whatever you want but stay the same size and that you should match your foundation to the colour skin you ARE not the one you want to be- I genuinely thank god there was no Facebook in my teenage years!!

I learnt a lot more than the above but given that this is a blog post not a novel I had to reel it in somewhat.
I have a lot more work to do and as I enter this milestone chapter I figure it’s a perfect time to enforce these changes…
1- become financially responsible and learn to save
2- find the perfect balance – as much as possible- between career and family
3- let go of self doubt and take relevant steps to improve self esteem
4- take care of myself physically and mentally
5- travel and experience new things- 1 per month minimum

Overall- a happy 30 year old with a gorgeous and healthy son, loving husband and a roof over our heads. Now to get to work on the above….

See you soon,

Charlie xxx