Hi All, Before I start I need to clear 3 things up.Take this as a disclaimer if you will… 1-I am by no means a snob, nor is this intended to seem patronising. I am also not generalising this to everyone, there are plenty of people, companies and services here I LOVE 2- I am […]

Hi All, It’s been a while so I apologise, a LOT has been going on and it’s been about 6 weeks now since you heard from me here. When I last blogged I had just taken part in a wedding mixer event at Inside Out, which was a lovely day and resulted in 1 confirmed […]

14 Jun

Hi All, On Saturday 11th June I was invited to the beautiful interiors heaven that is INSIDE OUT, to make a short presentation at a small, intimate wedding mixer event they hosted.  This is one of my favourite stores on island to get lost in and build my dream home (mentally only for now). I am OBSESSED […]

Hi All, Hope you had a good weekend. I’ve been trying to get this blog post up for almost 2 weeks now but had- and still have- writers block. Today I decided to use it as a tool, as in my previous LL post I explained how I’d usually put something off when demotivated and […]

Hi All, Sorry for the radio silence-I have been working non stop with a trio of weddings in the space of a week in addition to various pre-wedding events for each, my parents & sisters-in-law being on island, a sick husband and the usual day to day baby/house life. All done now and I have […]

I decided when I turned 30 last month to make it a new chapter in my life. Whilst my 20’s was full of both positives and negatives- I decided that I’d kick off my 30s with a full life review and- where necessary – make repairs/improvements. I got married and had a baby last year which […]

Hi All, I hope you’re all well. I have been off working hard on the upcoming weddings, a great art exhibition, OH and turning 30!!! I am still in shock and slight depression over this- I feel as though I literally just turned 25 and wonder how time can be going this fast? I am […]

Hi All, If you keep up to date with my social media, you will know that By Charlie has been awarded the role of project & event manager for the incredible & exciting St Lucia Sculpture Park project. I won’t go too into detail right now, as I will be adding a blog post about […]

HAPPY NEW YEAR and for those of you not on my social media, I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. My parents were over for a few weeks hence the reason I’ve been somewhat quiet, between them and it being the baby’s first Christmas I took a little time off to relax and enjoy […]