Hi All,

Sorry for the radio silence-I have been working non stop with a trio of weddings in the space of a week in addition to various pre-wedding events for each, my parents & sisters-in-law being on island, a sick husband and the usual day to day baby/house life. All done now and I have taken a few days to well and truly crash & burn, get my house in order and spend quality time with my little prince.

You always encounter a few hiccups and/or one major incident per event but somehow I managed to only have one for the whole week- although it was one that slowed me for the duration. I broke my big toe and cut open various parts of my feet on day 1 of 8 – quite an important body part when setting up and coordinating back-to-back weddings it turns out! Unless you have actually broken your big toe you will laugh and say “It’s only a broken toe”. If you laugh and say “I’ve broken my toe don’t be dramatic”… then I guarantee your toe wasn’t broken or you are some type of superhero!!! I have given birth and had numerous surgeries but never before have I been in that type of pain!! A garage replaced the brake pads in my car – and decided to gift me back my rusty, useless disk brake conversions. I opened my trunk for 2 of these to fall on one toe literally snapping it in half within the first half hour of my event setup. (google them- basically 30lbs of metal combined on my poor little (big) toe).

One xray, a metal cast, and a lot of cleaning/bandaging later I was back at the venue on my ladder with the doctor telling me I needed to rest and not move at all-I think not doc! The show must go on… rattling with painkillers but conscious, alert and working nonetheless! The lovely mother of the bride looked terrified when I hobbled into the ceremony rehearsal with metal toes!

We converted empty shells into magnificent and romantic spaces- before and after pics on their way but here’s a sneak peak of the first…

14th May 2016

14th May 2016

I worked on each of these weddings for a year or more and they ran exactly as I intended for my beautiful couples. Most importantly the brides, grooms & parents’ of all were super happy, and guests seemed to have a blast. I got to work in one new venue which was literally a big empty rustic barn type building which I hope to transform much more in the future and wish I had known about for my wedding last year!

I am working on a blog post about my personal progress, and how the “new me”- aka the old me with improvements-held up under pressure and stress. I apologise for the boring rambling (and somewhat self pitying) blog, just wanted to keep you all up to date until I have time to focus and write another “Learning Life” post!

I’ll be back soon,

Charlie xxx